Getting Started

The following pages attempt to give you all you need to get started building on top of Pie Network products. If you have any questions, please visit the PieDAO Discord or the Forums.

This section of the docs is evolving rapidly. Please consider visiting us on Discord or the Forums if you want to get involved in PieDAO development.

NPM Packages

All PieDAO NPM packages are publishing on under the @pie-dao prefix. You can view the most current ones here.


This package provides the tailwindcss plugin used by the PieDAO frontend-template repo. Including it in your tailwindcss configuration will give you all of the base styles and classes discussed later on in the styling section.

Read more at Github.


yarn add @pie-dao/tailwind

/* tailwind.config.js */ const piedao = require('@pie-dao/tailwind'); module.exports = { theme: {}, variants: {}, plugins: [piedao], }