Creating a Pie

A Pie is an asset allocation, or weighted group of assets, designed for increased resilience and a higher degree of predictability when compared to any single asset contained within.

How are Pies created?

Any good Pie starts with a recipe. In the case of Pie Protocol, this recipe is called a Pie Improvement Proposal, or PIP. Anyone can create a PIP as an issue on the official Pie DAO PIP Github Repo. Discussion and revision take place on that issue until a DOUGH holder decides to put the PIP up for a vote. If the vote passes, the PIP will be added to the PIP repo directly. From there, bounties are written into issues and proposed by Pie DAO Github team members for the required smart contract work. These bounties are subject to additional funding votes, which, when passed, will fund the issues on Gitcoin. All further actions on Gitcoin will also happen as the result of a Pie DAO vote. Upon completion of all work, the original proposer or any other member of the community is free to deploy the new Pie.

How are Pies managed?

Coming Soon