Pie Improvement Proposals

How is the DAO governed?

Collaboration Decisions are made through community consensus by the development of PIPs (Pie Improvement Proposals). From new products to budgets, everything is decided as a community of voters through the DOUGH token. Why is it important to write a correct PIP? A well-crafted PIP enables devs to take action quickly on the desire of the community, empowers ownership to members as they are following every step of their own proposal, and allows the organization to scale as more contributors can pick up a proposal to work on easily.

❌ Voting poorly constructed PIPs creates confusion ✅ It’s better to use a poll inside the forum post to gather sentiment instead.

The process of creating a proposal usually begins with informal discussion, either through our Discord community or other social media platforms such as Twitter. The process to create a PIP follows three stages. Stage 1: Discussion / Idea

An idea-discussion is the first step in proposing a PIP. If it's a proposal for a new Pie, it is likely that during this phase the proposal won't have a model or a technical spec attached to it yet. Ideas are important as they allow members to be creative, but it’s important to make sure those ideas progress into actionable PIP in order to be implemented.

Have an idea for a new Pie? Start the discussion on the forum in the section #ideas-for-pies

Stage 2: Pie Improvement Proposal / PIP

A PIP is a proposal with actionable steps for the DAO to be working on.

In the case of a new Pie, it includes a detailed model and the motivation behind the new product, any relevant partnership to launch it, and a timeline to make it happen.

In the case of a rebalance for a Pie, it includes a detailed breakdown of the new allocation and how it compared to the old one, the reasoning behind it, and other relevant information for devs to execute on it.

Are you looking to rebalance an existing Pie? Start the discussion on the forum in the section #rebalancing-ideas

Stage 3: Voting a PIP

The proposal is now mature, it has everything it needs to be implemented and there is a rough consensus in the forum post. It is time to submit it to the judgment of the community.

  1. Create a proposal with your PIP Number

  2. Set the Start and End Date (min: 24h unless emergency)

  3. Bring the attention of Members to the vote.


PieDAO utilizes two voting mechanisms. The first is gas-free voting via Snapshot, which can be used for DOUGH holders to signal their support for a decision.

Decisions that require the deployment of the DAO’s treasury funds must take place through Aragon. Aragon provides the core infrastructure that enables decentralized organizations to operate. Snapshot allows DOUGH holders to sign a message from their wallet to signal support or opposition to a governance proposal without having to spend any gas on an Ethereum transaction. View active Snapshot and Aragon governance proposals. Learn more about Aragon DAOs

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