KPI Options

Cryptoeconomic incentives on top of the Dough Staking initiative rewards.

Along with the launch of Dough Staking, a KPI Options incentive has been released in order to support the goal of reaching 30% of the DOUGH circulating supply locked in the staking contract. The [PIP-62] has been issued and voted by the community, enabling those veDough holders that staked during October 2021 to add cryptoeconomic incentives on top.


Below is the proposed scope of the KPI Options for DOUGH staking:

  • Proposed Airdrop targets: pro-rata to all veDOUGH holders

  • Proposed Airdrop date: at first reward Pie minting

  • Options expiration date: in 6 months, on 31st March 2022

  • Metric tracked: total amount of DOUGH staked

  • KPI Option backed by: DOUGH

  • Proposed total amount of KPI options: 10 million units

  • Maximum option converting value: 0.5 DOUGH per option, if 15m or higher ‘staked DOUGH’ KPI is hit.

Total option payout per KPI hit: growing in a step function, as below:

  • 1M DOUGH Total Payout, with 7,5M DOUGH staked

  • 2M DOUGH Total Payout, with 10M DOUGH staked

  • 5M DOUGH Total Payout, with 15M DOUGH staked

In case this proposal gets accepted, a total amount of 5M DOUGH should be moved out of the PieDAO Treasury in order to be used as collateral for the minting of the 10M KPI options at this page

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