DAO Member vs Freelancer

Being a DAO member is first and foremost being part of a community, it's about have long-term alignment with the organization's goals and mission. It's about presence and engagement.

Sometimes the DAO requires services that cannot be found inside the community, because of that we engage with freelancers on a temporary basis with precise scope.

We hope that every freelancer / third party we engage with would eventually become part of the community but they are not required to. The ones who do join the community can consider forming a working group ( aka committee ) to keep doing their work on a regular basis while contributing to the organization's mission.

Sometimes the DAO finds resources for specific services inside the community and between token holders, those groups of people usually end up organizing into a working group and formally requesting the DAO for a budget.

Reference: https://www.notion.so/piedao/DAO-Member-vs-Freelancer-cfe54701b5974e0a9051ed38a759395c

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