PieDAO is a community DAO focused on tokenising automated wealth creation strategies. The DAO'S first line of products are called Pies, yield-generating tokenized portfolio allocations.

The Vision - A Self-Driving Wealth Creation Machine

For as long as the modern-day financial system has existed, the ability to achieve financial freedom has been available exclusively to those who had (some) wealth to begin with: more often than not, one needed to be born to a successful family, have access to strong financial education, and initial capital to play with.

For the rest of us, getting from 0 to 1 in wealth creation is a gigantic chasm extremely hard to overcome, meaning that we have to spend most of our lives focusing on earning income, never quite getting to the stage of actually accumulating wealth. The introduction of crypto networks and decentralized finance has offered countless improvements to the way our financial system operates, often removing geographical barriers and permission-seeking of traditional systems, but we must admit that financial inclusion has not been one of them.

  1. They require significant technical knowledge (expertise)

  2. They require a significant amount of time investment to monitor trends and markets on a regular basis (time)

  3. They have high transaction fees (money)

These prerequisites of expertise, time, and money make access to DeFI a luxury available to a select few.

We strongly believe that this vicious cycle should cease to exist, and that anyone should be able to have control over their financial future, no matter the country they live in, their economic status, their level of technical expertise, or financial education.

The PieDAO community envisions a world where wealth creation is a passive, automated process accessible to anyone with an internet connection without heavy prerequisites, while strategies to create wealth are in the hands of the most objectively talented individuals, distributed across the globe and correctly incentivized.

PieDAO is a community completely decentralized from day one, whose task is to govern the ecosystem of products designed to make this future possible.

The core products of PieDAO are carefully curated baskets of assets, traditionally known as ETFs — or Pies as they are referred to in our ecosystem.

Pies are designed for regular people with a busy lifestyle, little to no starting capital, and no time to spend watching the DeFi twitter trying to catch the next big hit.

DOUGH, the PieDAO governance token, is the driving force behind the entire ecosystem, allowing people across the globe to make decisions on what products to create, what strategies to deploy, and what assets to include.

Core principles

  • Courage & Ownership: Changing the financial future of million will not be an easy task and for this reason, courage is the first and more important of all virtues. We need to breed bravery in the organization, to have the courage to do what it takes to set a bold course for the future, to engage in a courageous conversation, and to be decisive in uncertainty.

  • Accessibility and Financial Inclusion: The open financial system has to be accessible to anyone with an internet connection. PieDAO’s products need to be usable from small holders to whales.

  • Financial Transparency: Decentralised financial services are not be built in opaque silos. Informations are transparent and auditable to all participants.


  • Speak truthfully: As a community, we value honesty and frank conversations about our work and ourselves. We understand there is nothing to fear about the truth. We have integrity and demand it from others.

  • Be transparent: We encourage transparency as a force for justice. We have the courage to share the things which are the hardest to share and we grow from those.

  • It’s okay to make mistakes and unacceptable not to learn from those: We understand that mistakes are a natural part of the evolution of an organization. We don’t worry about appearances, we worry about achieving the goal of the organization. For this reason, we avoid focusing on “blame” and “credit” and instead focus on what’s “accurate” and what’s “inaccurate”. When we fail, we fail forward.

  • We do what’s right over what’s easy: We do things because we believe them to be right not because they are easy to do or because everybody is doing them. We are radically open-minded about what’s right and truly commit to understanding the reasoning with the people we disagree with.

  • Give tough love without being an asshole. : Tough love is the hardest and most important type of love to give. While most people prefer compliments, accurate criticism is most valuable. We are never disrespectful or offensive in doing that, instead, we encourage people to objectively reflect on their actions and reasoning to identify the root cause of mistakes.

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